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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are WMTS based?

Other than being based in Wrexham, we have no premises. Having sold our old building on Rivulet Road, we feel liberated now not being tied down to a particular site. We will be utilising various spaces around Wrexham based on our needs and supporting existing facilities within the community.

Will you just being doing musicals?

No. We have a strong pool of members from various backgrounds in and out of the theatre. WMTS aims to be producing theatre and music events for everyone in the community, in all forms. 

What can I get involved with?

All sorts and everything! On a regular basis our ‘Script Club’ will give members a chance to try out their acting in an informal setting as we read through different plays. A ‘Singing Social’ provides the perfect opportunity to get up and belt an 11 o’clock number or join in on your favourite ensemble number. Or for those more comfortable off-stage - prop-makers, tech-wizards, fundraisers alike - we have options for anyone to get involved.

Do you have youth classes?

Currently we don’t run classes specially for children. However, we will be providing opportunities for anyone to get involved, this will take shape in many different ways; from script readings and workshops, through to fully-stage productions.

What have the board been doing since the AGM?

Since April 2022 the Board have been working to get WMTS active in the community again. Our first task was to update the constitution, which was decades old in parts and not suitable for a charity operating in 2022. We presented these changes to our members at an EGM, followed by our first social “Mixer” event, where the changes were accepted and subsequently sent to the Charity Commission for approval. We also took the opportunity to revise our bye-laws which can be found on our website.

We have established a number of subcommittees to increase our working capacity including a Communications Subcommittee to explore and manage the variety of ways modern audiences prefer to receive news and updates and an Events Subcommittee to trial new activity offers for our members whilst we build-up to full-scale productions. 

Some of the activities we’ve successfully piloted and are continuing to offer include a new Script Club and the return of our popular Singing Social.  Both groups meet every fortnight and it has been a great opportunity for members to flex their artistic muscles and also entice new members from the Wrecsam community to join our Society. 

When will you be doing big productions again?

A popular request is when ‘WMTS will be doing big shows again? Whilst we want to be offering our members the opportunity to perform on larger stages and we recognise the desire to re-establish ourselves firmly as a key provider of Arts opportunities in Wrecsam, we are aware of the gargantuan effort and expense it takes to mount a large-scale production. We want to be sure we do so at a time that is right, when we have a strong following and when the artistic and financial risks can be balanced

We believe our offer of a variety of activities and events to members, such as Script Club and Singing Social, not only provide value to our members, but also helps us determine what talents and skills we have available to utilise in future productions. 

If you would like to get involved or have any thoughts about what you’d like to see us do please let us know at 

How do I join?

It’s easy to join! Anyone over 16 can apply to become a member. Visit the Join page to find out how.

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